The Merged Seas

A thick smog cloud surrounded the town. High conic rooftops tried to rise above the smoke to take a breath. Uneven grey bricks and warped wood bulged from the sides of buildings, pushing themselves outwards as though they were trying to tear the rest of their buildings down. They were houses standing against themselves. Houses from different ages, all with different views of the same world, different views of the same people. ~Burning Bridges Part 1: Morose Memories

The True Heir Series

The True Heir Series is based in the Merged Seas, a place where two rival empires are close to breaking point. Old thirsts for vengeance are reignited, and

The Sphereblood Saga

The Sphereblood Saga follows Darius and Zyree Sphereblood in their attempts to wrestle Araxia free of the empires who have embedded themselves in and around the country

Commander Jedburgh Lowell

Lowell sucked in air through clenched teeth, grabbing the trigger tightly. Light glowed from the barrel, blasting out in a powerful beam.


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